Top Domain Registrars Comparison 2021

Choosing a domain name is an essential part of creating a website aswell as selecting a good hosting company.As choosing a good domain name is a challenge, selecting a good domain registrar is also important. That is why we have compiled a Top Domain Registrar Comparison  with  some factors which needs to be consider while choosing a good domain registrar. 

  • Price: Pricing system of the companies is a complex matter. Cheap  Starting prices of the domains ends up on costly renewal
  • Transferring: Every Domain Registrar have their own fee of domain transferring to another registrar.
  • Extras: There are some other extras which companies upsells with the domain registration, Whois privacy which prevents your address and phone numbers from showing as public.
  • SSL: Secure socket Layer is a must for a website if you want it to be indexed high in the search engines, otherwise your site would be marked as spam for the browsers.

Here we have listed and compared some popular and affordable domain registrars while choosing for your website: 

Name cheap is a popular domain registrar and a web host, holding millions of domains. Individual  can search for domain in a single or in batches with a powerful tool on its website. Prices are very affordable, .com starting from $8.88 with $12.98 on renewal. Name Cheap have 88 domains set deal which always available at the price of  $0.48 for the first year, these domains includes the .host .tech. press .space etc
Other useful benefits includes 24/7 Support, Personal data privacy, and Free email upto 2 months trail.

Blue Host is one of the best domain registrar  and a perfect choice if looking for a reputable domain registrar company. Domain prices usually starts from $12.99 for a .com domain, but can get the best offer of free domain from blue host If also looking for a shared hosting plan.
Bluehost provides the autorenewal options which saves the trouble of renewing every year, the domains goes down if not renew manually.Other useful benefits includes 24/7 Support, Free SSL and unlimited subdomains.

Hostinger as the cheapest and most popular hosting and domain company offers many features. Hostinger’s low level domains prices starts from $0.99  TLDs like  .online,  .xyz etc. They even offers FREE domain if one looking for their shared hosting plans, but if you are looking for domain only  and no hosting plan, .com Domain would costs you $8.99 per year. There are other features which you can add while purchaing domain like whois guard, which you can add only with additional $5 and your name and phone number would be hidden from the public.


Host Papa is a environment-friendly web hosting services fueled by green energy. They provide FREE DOMAIN REGISTRATION of the .com, .ca and Domains with their web hosting packages. Their normal Domain registration Price starts from $10.99, where you can add Domain Privacy for $9.99 and website security for $29.99 with additional charges.
Additional benefits includes 24/7 support and risk free domain transfers.

HostMonster offers attractive hosting packages that help businesses and individuals to get high-valued services. Hostmonster domain list is huge with multiple TLDs including, Top Level Domains i.e .com .net .org, Country-code Top Level Domains .ca  .us .me, Generic Top level Domains i.e .online .academy .agency .cab and so on.

Additional benefits includes 24/7 support and risk free domain transfers.

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