WordPress installation guide for beginners

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This guide will show you how to install WordPress using the most popular methods:

Installing with the aid of Softaculous, a popular Auto Installer which helps users install applications quickly and easily.

For those who want to do it themselves, we offer a step-by-step guide to manual installation.

Installing WordPress With Softaculous App

To install WordPress manually the first step you would follow is to log into your cPanel of your hosting.

Select the Softaculous Apps Installer icon. 

Install wordpress

Click the WordPress logo.

Click Install tab to proceed.

Install wordpress

Now you need to fill out the details of your WordPress installation.

Install WordPress

Enter the domain you wish to install on this WordPress .

Choose the root folder for this installation. Leave the  Directory field empty as by default

Database Name can be left as the default as well.

You can change the default wp_  Table Prefix, but to enhance  security, we recommend to changing it to something unique, like wpwebsitename_.

Enter the website name 
( you can change in the customizer in the WordPress dashboard later). 

Now hit Install when you’re ready.

Installing WordPress Manually

Step 1: Download WordPress 

Visit the wordpress.org site and download the latest version of the wordpress.Save the .zip file in a memorable location. once the file is saved now prepare to upload it to the hosting.

2. Upload WordPress to your hosting account

There are many ways to upload the WordPress files in to the hosting. You can use the file manager in the Cpanel as well as the FTP using the filezilla (a free desktop software).

Using cPanel

Uploading WordPress files using file manager in the cPanel is the most easy and most efficient method.

For this propose go to your cPanel of your hosting and scroll down to find the File Manger and click it.

Once you in the file manager window, click the  upload button in the upper header, a new window will open and let you choose the file on your computer.

Using FTP

Using FTP to upload the files is relatively a slow process as compared to using cPanel. but mostly used in case your hosting has no cPanel access.

After installing the FileZilla, (refer to this guide if you don’t know how to install FileZilla on your computer ) Connect it to your hosting with the details you get after  creating the FTP account on your hosting.


Setting up your database and users

In the previous steps we have uploaded the files only,  to complete the process we have to create a database also, which will store the website information. 

Login to your cPanel, now scroll down to Databases and click the MySQL Databases icon. Enter your  new database name, we suggest you to keep it simple and something easy to identify, and click Create Database.

After creating the new database , next step is to create a new user for this database. Give permission to the new user by select All Privileges option.

Install WordPress

To complete the installation process so you can have your website, there are few steps you need to follow.

Now to get this screen you need to visit this address http://exampledomain.com/wp-admin/install.php with your blog/website’ domain, if you placed your files in the Root Directly.

If you have placed the files in the subfolder, you would visit the link like this, http://exampledomain.com/myblog/wp-admin/install.php.

Select the primary language of the website in the nest step , and select ‘Lets Go‘ when WordPress asks you to choose the database first.

Enter the Database details you have noted while creating the database and database user as show in the image.

After submitting the correct details of your database you would be taken to your newly created WordPress website’s Dashboard.