Difference Between Domain Name and Web Hosting?

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What is Domain Name?

Beginners usually wonders what is the difference between domain and hosting. We have tried to explain the difference between the two.

If you want to visit any house, we need it’s address to find that house or to visit it.

In the same manner, We need to type the website’s address in the address bar of the browser to visit that website, here domain name is the address and the hosting is the house. 

To understand it in more details, first understands the WordWideWeb( WWW) Concept. It’s basically a giant network of the computers connect to each other with the help of routers and switches. Here each computer is assigned a number to identify them easily, this number is called an IP Number or IP Address.
Computers used IP Address in numerical form to identify them, but to read it easily and remember by the humans Domain Name was introduced.
Now if you want to visit any website you don’t need to enter the string number instead you can type blackhostess.com.

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What is Web Hosting?

As we discussed earlier Hosting is the house if Domain is the address of that house.

To have a website over the internet you would require a place where you can place your site’s files, its called Web Hosting.

Your domain is connected to your hosting, multiple domain can be connect to a single hosting.

When some one types the address/domain name of your website, he/she will be redirected to your site and will show’s the content placed in your hosting. 
Site’s speed and performance also depends in the hosting.

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